Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Morning with Eric Himan & Andy Moore

Eric HIman,Blog Photobucket
Left: Eric Himan. Right: Andy Moore.

To cool out on this Sunday morning, I thought I'd draft the help of two incredible singer/songwriters, Eric Himan and Andy Moore. They recently played a show together in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I am a little jealous. See, they were supposed to play together in Phillie the last time I say Eric, but Andy couldn't make it. However, Eric played the show himself, and made up for it with just an excellent show. I first became aware of Andy when she played at an early show of Eric's, and have been a fan ever since.I have both her albums, and would rush out to get another. This morning, the first song we shall watch is Eric's We Are The Same, from the album Resonate.

Individually, they have amazing voices, but together, they are magic. This is I Don't Wait Well from Eric's album Everywhere All At Once.

Eric was kind enough to play guitar with Andy for the song Room To Grow from Andy's album Shifting.

For more about Eric Himan, click here. For more about Andy Moore, click here.

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