Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ricky Martin -The Cup of Life

ricky martin
ricky martin

I will admit I was never a Menudo fan, so the first time I really noticed Ricky Martin was when he was on General Hospital. But I did lose track, until I was watching the Grammy Awards for 1999, when he performed the over-the-top Cup of Life on national television. His showmanship and command of the stage blew me away, and I was hooked.

But I was truly impressed with the album Life, released in 2005, which I think is near flawless. And the boy was looking good. As if I didn't appreciate him enough, earlier this year he came out, an immensely brave thing to do. Sure, there were many who wanted to soft-peddle this, but I was just so moved the man showed the courage to do it at a time when rights were being voted down, and while he might not have acted on the schedule some might have preferred, It was the time he needed, so good for him. To the naysayers, I'll let Ricky do the talking. From the album Life, here is Ricky singing I Don't Care.

Check out Ricky on his official website here.


  1. You forgot to mention one more thing we have to appreciate about Ricky - his decision to have kids.

    Ricky and kids
    Ricky's twitter

  2. Howard, Back in the late 90's, my wife and I had a gay roomy and he was in so much love with Ricky. That was all he would talk about. He had his posters, and tons of stuff that was "Ricky". He said "I am going to Marry him someday."



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