Thursday, June 10, 2010

Anthony Callea - The Prayer

anthony callea
anthony callea

I first got to hear Anthony Callea when the video of him singing The Prayer on Australian Idol, and his voice blew me away. In fact, the entire performance just took my breath away. I mean, he was singing live!

After checking out some of his other performances on the show, I was hooked. I ordered his first album, as well as the second - packages from Australia can take forever! I also purchased his Live Concert DVD, and eagerly await new music! What amazes me is that the boy can sound like a chorus of angels in The Prayer, but can also sound like this when he sings Addicted To You, from the sophomore effort.

It was an added bonus when I discovered Anthony was gay, and in a relationship with actor/singer Tim Campbell. I follow Tim on Twitter, and he is not only unbelievably handsome, but he is funny! For more information about Anthony, check out his official website here. You can purchase the first album on US iTunes here, and if you like music, you should have Anthony's music in your collection.

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