Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Kajagoogoo

The British pop/new wave band Kajagoogoo was made up by Nick Beggs, Stuart Neale, Limahl [born Christpoher Hamill], Jez Strode and Steve Askew. They had one big hit in 1983, the startling Too Shy. In some ways Kajagoogoo could define the British New Wave sound that was rife in music at the time, an infectious blend of soft rock and r & b. Too Shy was all over the radio, playing repeatedly all through 1983. But it was 1983, and with that came the hair with more product than actual hair, more volume than God intended. I should know, I sported some of those looks myself.

Kajagoogoo - Too Shy
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Kajagoogoo released a new album in 2008, and continue to work on new music today. The band is still in tact, despite taking a long break. In 2007, they played a new song, Rocket Boy, at Retrofest 2007 in Scotland. Perhaps some things would be better left in the past. Here is the lead singer with a video of Rocket Boy.

To find out more about Kajagoogoo and what they have been up to, go to their official site here.


  1. That song and the band are 80's defined! Limahl also had two Top 20 hits. I like that sort of effeminate look of the band - it's quite, well....soft!

  2. SteveA, they did pretty much help define the era.

  3. whatever that is, its not the 80s defined. Many of us were into punk, hated trendies and posers, and were into social change and issues way before it was "cool"

    worth another listen....Dead Kennedys

  4. Anon, the thing is, eras are defined by individuals, and for a great many people, the 'New Wave' music defined the era. I listened to a great array of music, from Kajagoogoo to Horselips, and try to avoid the smugness you seem to enjoy. As for being into social change and issues, were you meaning the 80s, the 70s, the 60s music of Bob Dylan? Because as long as there has been society, there have been people into change long before it was 'cool'.



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