Saturday, November 21, 2009

Live Music - Westlife @ Croke Park


On June 1, 2008, Westlife put on a 10th Anniversary concert, and I desperately wanted to be there. I actually thought about flying to Ireland to attend. I came to grips with the fact that it would be utterly insane for me to do that, and instead I eventually purchased the DVD, which I just love. So much so, in fact, I rue the day I decided not to go. The show was huge, a real extravaganza. It seemed like pure, unadulterated fun! Kian, Nicky, Shane and Mark looked like they were loving every moment, the Irish boys celebrating a milestone in Dublin. There were big numbers, most of their greatest hits, costume changes, fireworks, and everything else needed to make a great experience.


So, for my Saturday night party and to celebrate the upcoming release of their album Where We Are, I figured I offer a mini-concert by Westlife, with clips from the 10th Anniversary Concert. I'll start with the first song, Hit You With The Real Thing, move on to a medley of songs, something they do with each tour. Then there is a really beautiful version of Catch My Breath, a song from their last album, Back Home. And to end this particular version of the concert would be Flying Without Wings, with the dancers on silk swags and Mark hitting the ending so damn well.

Indeed, it would not be unlike me to spend a Saturday night watching a Westlife DVD. Welcome to my world. To get into the world of Westlife, you can find their official website here.

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