Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Video - Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

This video is amazing. On the whole, I don't get the Lady Gaga craze - sure, I think she is talented and appreciate her support of the Gay community and all, but I think she has more talent than most of her music allows her to show. She has a great vocal range, and some of the music is quite complex and interesting. But it seems to be packaged in a very trendy wrapping, avoiding timelessness at all costs. But, like I said, I think this video is visually stunning.

For more about Lady Gaga, you can find her official site here. And thanks to PopEater for the video link. You can check out PopEaster here.


  1. I find her interesting...but I agree - she has alot of talent but her current music style does not explore this!

  2. Wonder Man, it is amazing.

    SteveA, I hope we get so see more of her, and less of the hip performer she has become.



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