Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dave Patten Signs Deal

dave patten
dave patten

Dave Patten, a Philadelphia artist I happen to enjoy, has signed a contract with Clark Records. I enjoy Patten mix of rock, r & b and hip-hop vibes. So congrats to Dave, looking forward to seeing and hearing much more from you in the future. The press release follows, or you can read the original here.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) November 10, 2009 -- Clark Records announces the signing of Dave Patten, a visionary artist who converges his passion for music with a love of film.

Clark Records is a boutique label based in Philadelphia and focused on musicians that combine the mediums of short film and pop music.

“We focus on artists that write, act, and produce quality films that incorporate their original music. The use of visual imagery expands the musical experience for our audience,” according to David Clark, President of Clark Records. “We’re pleased to announce that Dave Patten has joined our artist roster.”

“Dave has bounds of musical experience, releasing four independent albums that have intrigued fans from around the world. What attracted us was his ability to communicate his music to fans worldwide through his unique videos, many which have become very popular on YouTube. He fits our vision of combining and integrating original film and music to create a total experience for today’s audience.”

Dave and Clark Records, in conjunction with South9 Entertainment, will release Dave Patten’s new short film and song “Inside” later this fall.

Clark Records focuses on artists that blend original music and short film.

I had previously posted about Dave here. You can learn more about Dave Patten at his website here. Be sure to check out the 'Music' section, where you'll find some free downloads.

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  1. Dave is awesome
    how i wish he would record with Miss Patti



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