Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Music - Bing Crosby & David Bowie

Bing Crosby used to have Christmas specials every year, and one year he had David Bowie as a guest, and together they had an incredible duet.


  1. I had the privilege of seeing that special on TV when I was a kid. Even though I was young, I was really impressed by the song and the performance. It's still a fond memory, and that song is one of my favorite holiday tunes. Thanks for bringing up that memory. It's one of my fondest childhood holiday memories.

  2. One of my favorite Christmas songs, at least as performed by these two. I love it when Bowie goes into the "Peace on Earth" part.

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  4. Stan, I remember watching the episode, and being amazed by it. I think it was '76 or '77, and I was in high school.

    Beth, exactly, they made something very special together with this song.

  5. Wow - David and Bing - never knew that. Seems to be a historic pairing.



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