Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tried to Avoid the Rant

In an effort to avoid having me in full-fledged rant mode, I have stayed away from commenting on the vote results from the Maine election. It just hurts. To know that 52% of the state believe me and other gays like me are lesser humans, are not worthy to have the same rights as they already have, is just demoralizing. I get what the optimists are saying - the numbers are much closer than they used to be - it is only a matter of time. The youth today are far more open to accepting gay relationships than their parents and grandparents.

But it is this premise is upsetting to me. Americans living in the 21st century feel the need to 'protect' what they have, in this case official recognition of a loving relationship, from others. Any relationship I have had or will have is just not as important, real, or worthy as any of Dame Elizabeth Taylor's eight marriages, Britney Spear's two, Madonna's two, King Henry VIII's six, or the lie-infested marriages of Sen. [and DC prostitute regular] David Vitter (Rep-Louisiana), Gov. [and international adulterer] Mark Sanford (Rep-S. Carolina], Sen. [and bathroom cruiser] Larry Craig (Rep-Idaho], Sen. [and avid fan of gifting payoffs] John Ensign (Rep-Nevada), Gov. [and hooker follower] Elliot Spitzer (Dem-New York), and so many others. Interesting that former Governor James McGreevey's cover marriage was fine for these people, yet they would not condone recognition of a relationship he might have with now that he is honest about being gay. Somehow, marriage must be protected from me, but not from the first four I mentioned with a combined wedding count of 18 [some of which ended in a murderous death].

Let me put this out there - I want no parts of the religious side of their precious tradition. I want the government, the one based on a separation of church and state, to step up to the table. I want the opportunity to have my love legally recognized, the ability to receive the tax break, to have the family unit recognized by hospitals and other places and the like. After all, I have been paying taxes to this government for the last 34 years, both federal and those of multiple different states, hoping the elected body would do what has been a hallmark of the history of this great nation, and have them try to protect and serve not only the majority, but also those in the minority whose rights and lives must be seen and encouraged. They did it when they passed laws to protect the rights of African Americans, since separate was not equal. They did it when they said the voice of women must be heard, and granted the vote to a group the founding father's saw as undeserving of the basic privileges.

Sure, religious zealots spout off about what 'the good book' says, while taking a selective viewpoint about much else in there. After all, seeing women as chattel, eating shellfish, cutting off the hands of thieves are just a few of the teachings of said good book, yet ones that are not only ignored, but held in some contempt. Yet 'scholars' who couldn't read the original texts in their original languages want to run off with their own interpretations of a variety of mishandled translations, and form the governmental opinion and basis of the country. If put to a public referendum in 1920, would the people have overturned a woman's right to vote. Would a referendum in any southern state in 1954 upheld that separate was not equal for children in the classroom? In 1965, would the majority of any state have upheld the Voting Act, allowing African Americans the chance to vote? I would think not, but thankfully they were not put in a position to watch as the electorate decided if they were indeed fully recognized Americans, only to discover they were not deemed worthy, were seen lacking. Rather than continue my rant, I will now quiet myself, continue paying more taxes and getting less in return than my married brothers and sisters, and let Tom Goss, fiancee to the handsome and charming Michael, sing a song he just posted on YouTube.


  1. That was one of the most intelligent and well-argued "rants" I've ever read.

    I hope you heard the shouts of "Amen!" and "Sing it, Sister!" all the way in DE, because I was yelling them here in NYC while reading this.


  2. What a great post, Howard. I too have (so far) avoided this on my blog, mainly because I know it would be like preaching to the choir. What happened in Maine is hurtful. It's something that can make a grown man cry (well, me anyway). And then there's the annger too. How dare they (would like to get to the root of who 'they' are) take away an equal right of a group of people!

    I also agree too that I don't think religion has anything to do with same sex marriage, and I wouldn't want a "church" wedding. If a couple attends a church, such as MCC, then that is different--their wedding would be welcomed there, just like their Sunday attendance.

    My partner and I are coming up on our 23rd anniversary in a few weeks. How many years do people like us have to be together to prove to others that we deserve equal rights under the law. Makes me think of that saying 'how many licks does it take'?

  3. I know you know that I agree with you. I believe this will happen in our lifetimes. That doesn't make it any easier to keep waiting.

  4. Wonderman, thank you.

    David, thanks, but it wouldn't have been so reasoned if I started typing right away.

    John, thank you. I hope you and your partner have a fantastic 23rd anniversary.

    Beth, I knew you would agree, thank you. There was that initial something I had to shake off though.

  5. That was very eloquent and very true. On the bright side (if there is one) that is 52% of those who voted, not of all Mainers. Unfortunately, lobbyists on the Right-Wingnut side had to spend millions of dollars of out of state money to twist the vote their way. Not that our side didn't spend money either, we did. But unfortunately, these "questions" are just fodder for Conservative/Republican based "grass roots" groups to wage war against any way of life not their own. It is a shame that we didn't fight hard enough and allowed them to win. We won't be fooled again. We can overturn this, and should try every means possible to do it. Also unfortunate is that now that the dark side has won, they will try to do the same thing in every state. It looks like NH is targeted for next on the agenda.
    If you haven't seen it, take a look at Betty Bowers take on Marriage in the Biblical Sense at the No Sin Zone ( What a hoot!

  6. Stan, I know there are bright sides, but it is unfortunate nonetheless. And thanks for the link!



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