Sunday, November 29, 2009

Great Music - Dave Koz

Out saxophonist Dave Koz has given us some great music through the years. And he seems like a great choice to allow everyone to relax after a long holiday weekend. I thought about it, and decided to just post some songs from the movies. So enjoy!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Moon River

Somewhere With Anita Baker

Find out more about the music of Dave Koz at his official website here.


  1. Wow!!!!! I'm a fan! (also, hubba hubba) :)

  2. Derek, I am a fan, and finally a man I find hot that also doesn't make me scream 'cradle robber' every time I think of him!

  3. Howard, Dave is brilliant. I could listen to him all day long.

  4. Kyle, he is brilliant. And it doesn't hurt he is so easy on the eyes, either. LOL

  5. I saw Anita Baker live last year - she was so good. That guy is too cute - he is all man!

  6. SteveA, I love Anita, Now she can sing! And yes, Koz is very hot!



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