Saturday, November 21, 2009

News - November 2009

There were several big things going on this past week, and I figured I would share the news with you all. Plenty of news on music releases and purchase opportunities, and live shows I am attending for Christopher Dallman, Jay Brannan, Eric & the Adams, Daniel Cartier, Casey Stratton and Tom Goss.

From Soundtrack to my Day

Christopher Dallman recently released his fantastic EP, Never Was. It is now available on iTunes, and you can purchase it here. The four-song EP has scored a perfect 5-star rating with everyone who has reviewed it so far, including myself. And Christopher has another EP coming out soon. Can't tell you how excited I am.

Jay Brannan offers his own particular brand of Christmas cheer with the release of his holiday single, Christmas Really Sucks. It is available on iTunes, and you can get it here. Jay had a big week, as he went all fangirly when he was going to see The Cranberries in concert. The incredible Dolores O'Riordan took his CD and actually waved it around as she sang. How knew it was possible, but I think Jay was not only happy, but excited!

Eric & the Adams released their first video at a party in Tulsa. The video, for the song Every Move. They had a great party, and it was covered by JabberBoxTV. I posted the video earlier here, so here is a report from the party in Tulsa. Angel has some excellent hosting duties!

I also discovered one of my favorite artists [cut me a break, I have many - including the artists listed above] Daniel Cartier, has a couple of releases lined up. There is a Christmas release ready very soon for the holiday season, a collection of cover songs due out in early January, and an album of new songs, entitled Redemption, due out in the new year as well. You can order any or all of them here. The following is Daniel doing an acoustic cover of Under The Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Casey Stratton had a concert recently at the Bitter End in NYC [and I am a little bitter I missed it, but I digress]. Anyway, the recording of the show is available for purchase through Casey's website. There are nine great songs, and you can buy them here. Casey performs a combination of some old and new songs, and one of the classics is Blood. Here is a performance from a couple of years ago.

Aiden James has his latest, Live At The Tin Angel, recorded at a concert in Philly I attended and I already have my copy. It is exceptional, and you can listen to and buy it here. Aiden has a show on the schedule for January and I plan to go.

I am going to see Tom Goss performing live at the World Cafe Live in Philly on Sunday. Tom is promoting his latest release, Back To Love. It is an impressive album, and you can purchase the mp3's here for under $9. Tom's video Till The End has been nominated for Click List Video of the Year, you can vote here. Actually, you can vote for several musicians on that list that have appeared on this blog: Telling On Trixie, Jay Brannan, Gregory Douglass, Toby Madigan, Levi Kreis, Ari Gold, Guy B, and Josh Zuckerman.

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