Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Video - Wes Carr - Love Is An Animal

Wes Carr
Wes Carr

I am a little late with this post, but I really like the song a lot. Australian Wes Carr released Love Is An Animal a bit ago, but it takes a bit for me to catch up with the things going on Down Under. I just recently purchased his latest offering, The Way The World Looks plus Under The Influence EP. It is a long title, but it is essentially a re-release of his debut album with a second CD, with 9 more songs, including an really nice acoustic version of this song.

I bought the new CD/EP with the help of Lucy from the Wes Carr Hub Forum [@WesCarrHubForum], a buddy on Twitter. Got it shipped up from Australia, and am enjoying it on my iPod. For more about Wes Carr, you can visit his official website here.


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