Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Happening In Central Park - 1968

On June 17, 1968, Barbra Streisand held a live concert in Central Park, and feared no one would show up. The little Jewish girl from Brooklyn who was told she was not pretty enough to be a star, no matter how talented she might be, didn't think there would be a crowd. Turns out that was not the case. Well, over 130,000 did, and it was captured on tape for a television special. She opened it with the classic songs More Than You Know/All The Things You Are, here seen as they were cut from the TV show.

When she sings He Touched Me, there is a certain amount of innocence and delight. And, of course, that voice.

Barbra's Happy Days Are Here Again was another standard she managed to make all her own. Once accepted as an uptempo fun song, Barbra owned it as a song of strength and defiance.

Barbra's interpretation of Cry Me A River was rather over the top at the time, for it screamed of sexuality and of a woman with some power to laugh at her man.

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