Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Rocks - Led Zeppelin

I have mentioned in a previous post that Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were my own personal rock gods, and thought it was time I truly honored them with a mini-concert. Hell, I never managed to see them perform live, and I would guess I never shall at this point. So I went on to YouTube to make it happen. I chose the 1970 Royal Albert Hall concert, and decided to go with full songs, which automatically ruled out four of 12 songs because of the 10 minute limit. And since I love it when Led Zep does the blues, I knew I wanted to go with I Can't Quit You Baby. I follow that up with Whole Lotta Love, a complete classic. Then there is another great one, Communication Breakdown. I decided to end with Bring It On Home, the final song of the night.

To complete the Led Zep experience, you can go to the official website here. God, I just love them.


  1. I love them, too...and your mini-concert! RAH Zep were beyond amazing, so full of energy.

    Plus I have a thing for Jimmy in his Argyle pullover.

  2. Thanks for posting about the band who started hard rock....ummm- their music is a blue print for any rock song and rock band. Their music is timeless and unparalleled. Of course - Stairway to Heaven is a must, but I also like Ramble On; Tangerine and D'yer Maker!

  3. Cerisaye, they are Rock Gods, how could you help but have a thing for them?

    SteveA, yep, they certainly have had my heart from the start. I love so much of their music, I can't begin to pick favorites. Maybe 'Since I've Been Loving You,' but there are so many...



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