Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog News - Circle of Friends

Yesterday I got word that me and the blog were given a Circle of Friends Award from Kyle at Out Left.How very kind of you, Kyle! Out Left is a blog all about the life and times of a highly liberal gay man, be it posts on the first snow of the season, or the many film reviews. Visit him if you get the chance.

In receiving this award, I am to mention five things I enjoy or like to do and then pass this award along. So, without further ado, here are my top five, in no particular order.

1. Music. Yeah, I didn't think it would be a surprise to anyone reading this blog I have a fondness for music, all kinds of music. I have an iPod working for much of my day, and am chatting with musicians on Twitter or FaceBook or MySpace, finding out the tour dates, release dates, or just how their day is going. I'd say 95% of what I have posted so far has been in my own record collection.
2. Live music. I love going to hear musicians live, so I will drive 90 minutes to Philadelphia or Washington, DC, to catch Tom Goss, Aiden James, Jay Brannan, and others to play. I love musicians who have a command over their talent and sound as good if not better live.
3. Photography. I love taking pictures, whether it is of musicians playing or nieces and nephews playing soccer, walking down the streets of New York City or some rural landscape. I have a particular fondness for taking pictures of water, be it the ocean, a pond, or a fountain. Almost a decade ago, I went to Barcelona and got some great shots of fountains.
4. Live theater. There was a time a long time ago I made my living working in the theater, first as a Master Carpenter and soon as an Assistant Production Manager at the Circle Repertory Theatre Company, an off-Broadway house in Greenwich Village. The pay was terrible and I made it work, but hit a point in time when I wanted to do more than just scrape by, so I moved on professionally. But the love for theater still is there.
5. Reading. I love to read - my college degree is a BA in English, but find I have little time to do it. I miss reading, but between working for a living, working on the blog, life's other little treats, I don't read nearly as much as I should.

Now, on to the sharing part. I fear my list will be shorter compared to some, for I haven't been at this whole blogging thing for that long, save the seeming stalking of one site, which leads me to my first 'share,' David Dust. I was drawn in by his biting humor in his Reality TV show recaps, and all those hot men. And we've visited, and had far too much to drink. Thankfully, we have both been smart enough to kill any pictures of one another that might be less than acceptable. His help and advice when I started my own blog has been invaluable. And, knowing my dear friend, he will not be answering this or filling out the paperwork, which is one of the reasons I love him.

And there is the bright and sweet Wonderman from Maybe It's Just Me... The blog covers a lot, from politically themed posts to discussions of racial issues to discussions about the wish-list casting of the new Doctor Who. Great Hera, I enjoy his blog.

There is also Stan from UnderSTANding Stan, a blog with posts that go in many directions, from movie reviews to thoughts on Buddhist holidays, to comic panels to social and political commentary. Oh, and I think he knows Kyle... :-)

Next I would say Stephen at post apocalyptic bohemian, whose smart style of writing perfectly complements his charming blog.

Keeping with a theme, albeit a different spelling, I would next say SteveA of Long Haired Boy. Steve's interests in music are similar to mine, and I have enjoyed his posts about the music, both in my comments and on his own blog.

And there is the light and lively Miss Ginger Grant of The Fabulous Blog of Miss Ginger Grant. I've had the privilege of spending some time with Ginger for a couple of drunken NYC weekends, and find the blog to match the personality - charming, smart and witty!

Behrmark of Behr Blather is just so much fun to 'read.' And by read, I mean look at the pictures of strikingly hot men. But there is also the charming writing of Behr, the warmth and caring obvious in all he does.

And, finally, there is TrannyBeth from Blind As A Bat, the other person I blame for getting me started on my own blog. At the moment Beth is taking a step away from the keyboard, but I hope she knows I love her and am grateful she pushed me to start the blog.

There are others in my circle of friends that have already been nominated by others: Beth from Nutwood Junction, whose smart and funny posts keep me smiling; Maddie from A Day with The Mistress Borghese, who, along with the Boy Toy, keep me laughing; and fellow Delawarean Mark with Tales of the Sissy, whose blog is so very much like he is in real life; and Michael Rivers of Michael Rivers: The Blog, a handsome guy with fun stories from his life, from the visits to local eateries to trips to visit his aunt Joan [I know they aren't related, I just like starting rumors...].

So, thank you Kyle for the honor, and here you go.


  1. Great list of 5 things! This could be my list too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Howard, I love, love, love this post. It is wonderful to hear you talk about the bloggers you love and the blogs that accompany them. Stan, do I know him? ;)

  3. Michael, thanks!!

    Kyle, glad you enjoyed it. Perhaps I am mistaken, and I should be sending Stan an email with my number.... ;-)

  4. What's this I hear about a Circle Jerk?!?...


  5. David, had to get your attention somehow...

  6. Circle Jerk could be fun.

    Anywho, thanks a lot, Howard.

  7. I'm glad you have your blog even though I keep getting behind reading it and others. I enjoy your knowledge and love of music and love being introduced to new performers and reminded of favorites. Keep going and congratulations!

  8. Wow - thanks Howard - thanks for the mention - it is greatly greatly greatly greatly appreciated! Our music tastes are so similar - it's nice to share music and comments with you and between our blogs - ROCK ON DUDE!!!!!

    And so kind of you to mention us all - CHEERS!

  9. Hey Howard! Thanks for passing on the award and for the kind words about my blog. If you hadn't already received the award, I would definitely pass it on to you. I love your connection to music and the idea of passing along thoughts of music both, old and new. The reminiscences about past music really brings me back and causes that nostalgic glow. It's wonderful. You deserve this award and have honored me by sending it my way. Thanks, again. Keep the music coming.

  10. Wonder Man, you are welcome.

    Joy, thank you so much. I enjoy your blog, such interesting tidbits you have to offer!

    SteveA, you are welcome.

    Stan, I will most certainly keep the music coming! I love it! Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate them.



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