Wednesday, December 30, 2009

REPOST: Worth Another Listen - Paul Lekakis

As part of a year-end review, I will be putting up an occasional repost of the first 6 months of Soundtrack to my Day this week.

From Soundtrack to my Day

Back in 1987, a song hit the clubs that had everyone dancing. The song was Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) and it was impossible not to run to the dance floor. It was sung by Paul Lekakis, the stunningly handsome Nordic God. I ran out and bought the single, but had to wait to buy the CD, Tattoo It. But I did buy it first chance I got. I still listen from time to time, grooving to the sound of My House, One Step Closer, and others. From the coy You Blow Me Away to vibrantly sexy You Know You Want It, not to mention the beat-driven Are You Man Enough and Tattoo It On Me. This CD was meant to put a party in your pants - an easy feat if you took one look at the cover shots.

Paul Lekakis Paul Lekakis

Paul went on to do movies - like Circuit and Sex, Politics & Cocktails - and a variety of shows in regional theater and Pride events around the world. And he still does music, having the singles Let It Out, Assume The Position and (I Need A) Vacation, all of which are in my collection. Just last year, I purchased a video collection of his songs, including a video shot to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Boom Boom. I also received a couple of signed photographs with the package, warming the cockles of, among other places, my heart.

Never particularly in the closet, Lekakis talked openly in the 90s about being HIV Positive, and continues to do work in that community. He has certainly kept himself in top shape, and looks even hotter now than he did when he first come on the scene.

From Soundtrack to my Day

You can find more pictures and information at Paul's website.


  1. I have Boom Boom on 45 and loved that song - it did not crack Top 40 though. But I remember looking up on Google for Paul and was stunned to find out he was gay and then all those pics of him in the buff! Nice body! Now - I think I knew what he was singing about in Boom Boom!

  2. SteveA, yes, he is stunning, and I love his CD. I have had it since way long ago, and Still play it from time to time. And he is gorgeous. Did I mention that? LOL



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