Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Music - Bearforce 1

Bearforce 1
Bearforce 1

A little medley from Bearforce 1, the Dutch band, was heralded by the Washington Post: Finally, a boy band for older, hairy, gay men! And they want to win your seasonal heart with this offering, Christmas Is Here.

Because we can't get enough of either Bearforce 1 or 80s mashups, here is something from a live performance, labeled as AHOY.

For more on Bearforce 1, you can check out their MySpace page here.


  1. Oh! These guys are so cute. I'd love to spend the night in a cold cabin with them, keeping each other warm.

    Some of their dance moves... yikes!

  2. Now that's a boy band for me ! ummmmm ummmmm!



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