Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favorite New Artists - Erik Hassle, Matt Fishel & Billy Dortch

I thought I might take a look at the favorite new performers I mentioned on this blog this year. These would be the artists who released a debut CD/EP and I just discovered them. In the first post, I covered Mikey Wax, Theo Tams, Syd, Dave Patten, Toby Madigan & Chris Keys while in this one I will choose my favorite video for Erik Hassle, Matt Fishel and Billy Dortch.

Erik Hassle

I discovered Erik Hassle by reading XOLondon's blog, XO's Middle Eight. Hassle is a pop singer hailing from the epicenter of modern pop music, Sweden. His striking looks and brilliant red hair has a surprising voice; bold, strong and emotion-packed. Hurtful is a great song, and a record produced perfectly.

Matt Fishel

London-based singer/songwriter Matt Fishel was another one I stumbled across and am oh-so-grateful I did. When I first saw the Football Song, I knew it was over for me. The song is funny, ironic, and oozing with charm. It is well cast, with beautiful football lads, and an adorable gay teen. I was hooked, and had to buy the Coming Out EP, as well as the Superfishel Experience collection. I am so glad I did. You can find out more about this out performer here. And here is the Football Song.

Billy Dortch

As you can tell from the picture, Billy Dortch is not just a talented singer/songwriter, he is also a gorgeous model and openly gay. I had seen his video on a LOGO, and looked him up. He seems to be putting together music for a full-release, but until then, Breathe will have to do. You can find out more about Billy on his MySpace page here.

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