Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Movie - Aaron...Albeit a Sex Hero

Earlier, I had posted about Angora Ranch, a movie I really enjoyed for its charm, including the performance by writer/director/star Paul Bright. Bright's Silly Bunny Pictures has a new offering, the indie feature Aaron...Albeit a Sex Hero. Always one to support the artists I enjoy, I purchased it from the Silly Bunnies website. After all, he needs money to work on the next movie, so I wanna do my part so I can see more of his movies - at the heart, a fairly selfish act. The movie was written, directed and produced by Paul Bright, who decided on this outing to stay behind the camera, save a brief cameo. Enough, now let me get on with the movie.

Picture grabs from the movie.

Aaron...Albeit A Sex Hero is a heart an action movie, good vs. evil, with a twist. I enjoyed it greatly, finding it incredibly crisp for what I have come to expect from an indie feature. Our hero is hot, smart and gay. Aaron, played by Matthew Charles Burnett, is struggling a bit, in a bad job after a bad experience in the last. Jesse, whose 'real' name is Jesus, is a major stud who doesn't gel with Aaron at first, neither able to say the right thing as Aaron introduces himself on Jesse's first day. He is played by hot Papi Rafiel Sotto. The fates have different ideas, however, as they are repeatedly thrown together and discover new things about the other and themselves. Much like the arid setting, the story is steamy and sweaty, and kept my attention from start to finish. The script is pretty tight, with little superfluous baggage that often infects an indie film. Sure, it has its quirks, with things like spontaneous lesbian orgies, icky spiders, snakes and scorpions, and still maintain believability. The characters created are very true to life, like people I know in my own town. The acting is surprisingly good, and Mr. Burnett and Mr. Sotto are sexy and real, and have excellent chemistry together. The bad guys were everything they needed to be, hot and a bit trailer trashy, and ultimately tasty. The ladies of the tour group are funny and charming.

Where Angora Ranch oozed charm and humor, Aaron sweats out sexiness and excitement. Aaron has a much tighter script, and moves at a much quicker pace. The DVD comes with extras, like the trailer, a scene by scene go-to feature, and a behind the scenes mini-film hosted mainly by Mr. Bright. He is funny, informative, and quite the looker himself. I also purchased Theft, the second movie by Bright also featuring Burnett, and I can't wait to watch it. You can buy it by going to the Silly Bunny Pictures site here, using a PayPal account so it is just so easy.


  1. Wow - this movie sounds awesome. I want to get it - thanks for the insight! You rock dude!

  2. SteveA, It is awesome! I love it.



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