Sunday, December 13, 2009

Buy a Cure - Jay Brannan Donates

Singer/songwriter Jay Brannan has decided to give 20% of all the purchases on his Bandcampp site to AIDS research. So, if you ever thought you were going to buy his music, now would be a great time. Click here to find Christmas Really Sucks, and on the right side of the screen there is also links to a FREE download of Soda Shop, the song he sang in the movie Shortbus, as well as his four-song EP Unmastered, with the cover of the hottie in a hoodie. The E has great songs on it, like Half-Boyfriend and Body's A Temple. You can name your price, but keep in mind 20% is going to charity, so don't be stingy! Jay will be donated to AIDS Research Alliance, found here.

Doesn't Jay make an adorable elf? You can find out more about Jay at his official website here. Jay also has an excellent recent release In Living Cover you can check out on the website.

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