Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Basia

Basia Basia

Singer Basia was born in Poland, but relocated often before settling down in London, UK, to establish a solo career. She started out singing as part of a rock band, and moved on to sing for a jazz band before embarking on a solo career that combined those genres, heavier on the jazz sound. In 1987, she released the album Time And Tide, which shared it's name with the first single. That single got tons of radio play, and scored a #26 on the US Billboard charts. The album also sold almost 2 million copies in the US.

Promises was the first single to hit the charts, making it to #5 on the Adult Contemporary chart. The smooth sound and jazz rhythms scored well with the American audience.

The final single of the album was New Day For You, which continued weaving the jazz feel with the pop sound, this time using an beat closer to the dance sound.

The followup album was London Warsaw New York. It was released in 1989 and also sold nearly 2 million copies, although for me, the songs were much less memorable. For more information about Basia and what she is up to today, click here.


  1. Love her Howard! When Stan and I were first together I played her a lot and one night he asked who it was. I told him Basia, and he said, "who?" He had never heard of her. He tolerates her, but I'm not sure he is sold on her sound.

  2. Her music is great - I forgot about New Day for You - I think she is also quite beautiful!

  3. Kyle, I love her too. I would sit around with many of my NY Lesbians and listen to her!

    SteveA, I love New Day!



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