Monday, December 21, 2009

New Music - Archy & Mehitabel EP

Keyboardist Alexander Horwitz and guitarist/vocalist Lee Waters make up Archy & Mehitabel, a truly interesting new band. They combine aspects of alt.rock, Tori Amos, Bjork and chamber music to create their own sound. They have finally released the EP Lamentations, and the collection of original music is available for download online.

Left: Alexander Horwitz; Right: Lee Waters

The melodies are strong, and lyrically charged. The music tends to be keyboard driven, using the simplicity of the piano and voice to create textured landscapes. The four-song offering starts off with the intense and beautiful The Great Tiger. That is followed by the jazz-like Integration, the lilting and lovely Detox, and finally Lamentations, which puts me in mind of experimental French Baroque pop music.

They don't have a video out, but there is one on YouTube of them singing Hammerspace, a song of their own. It showcases their impressive and expressive musicality. And they are rather handsome and sexy, don't you think?

I say do yourself a favor and buy Lamentations for Christmas. It is available for download on and LaLa, with iTunes expected shortly. I DL'ed from LaLa, a service I hadn't used before, and had no problems. In fact, I saved a bit of money, as the songs are $.89 instead of the usual $.99, but both are under $4, and well worth it. You can find out more about Archy & Mehitabel at their official website here, or on MySpace here, and FaceBook here.


  1. Wonder Man, I agree! They are also talented, making them even sexier!

  2. Howdy Mr. H!

    Just wanted to send a little musical love your way for posting this awesome review.

    Lee and Alex from A&M

  3. A&M, thank you for stopping by. I love the EP! Can't wait for more.



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