Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Music - Josh Groban - Hymns

He's cute, but damn can he sing. His voice can give me goose-bumps, and often does. I posted about his carols, which are very good, but it is tough to top him on the hymns. Between him and Anthony Callea, I would hate to decide who I'd rather listen to, and just be incredibly happy I can listen to both. I hope to hear Josh sing live - I really hope Chess comes to Broadway sometime soon. All I can say is sit back and enjoy this voice. It is magical.

O Come All Ye Faithful

Silent Night


For more about Josh, check out his official website here.


  1. I want to go to the prom with Josh!
    Happy Holidaze, Howard. I love your blog & I am daily reader. You have turned me on to some great music this year. I wish you all the very best.

  2. Stephen, thank you so much for your kind words. All the best to you as well.

    And I'd go to the prom with him as well! Damn Allie references. LOL



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