Thursday, December 3, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Dream Academy

The Dream Academy hit the radio in 1985, bringing a mix of folk, rock and pop to a new hypnotic level, using New Age musical techniques to score a huge hit with their first single. The Dream Academy were singer/guitarist Nick Laird-Clowes; horn-player (chiefly oboe and English horn player) Kate St John; and keyboardist Gilbert Gabriel. Their sound was lush and ethereal, almost pastoral. Their first single, Life In A Northern Town, rose to #7 on the US charts, and build a healthy following for the group.

Their next single on the US charts was 1987's Love Parade, which at first glance was a very different sound, but when you look deeper, you still see the dreamy-quality of the dance track, and almost lazy afternoon nap style of uptempo song.

The Dream Academy came apart in 1991, and all three major players went their separate ways. All are still active musicians in the industry, but none were able to repeat the drive to the top of the charts.


  1. Remaster need NOW please... Wouldn't that be great. The love parade goes on.

    Nick was so cute back when they started. He aged pretty well too.

  2. Love the band...they were big in the UK before hitting top 10 in the US - but I think they are from the US? I was just playing them this week on my IPOD and I was thinking that I need to get "The Love Parade". My sis love's this band!

  3. Still love the song "Life in a Northern Town." Think I have that album downstairs....

  4. XO, thanks for stopping by. And yes, Nick was adorable!

    SteveA, I still love 'em.

    Beth, time to break out that classic!

  5. I second what Beth said. I love "Life in a Northern Town." In fact, I'm listening to it right now.



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