Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Release - Eric & the Adams EP

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eric & the adams
L to R: Angel Adams, Eric Himan, Jimmy Adams

This evening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Electric Circus, Eric & the Adams are celebrating the upcoming release of their EP, hitting the stores on Tuesday, December 8. I can't tell you how much I wish I was there, but it was not meant to be, so I will just have to get over it. I'm working on it. Part of the festivities includes the band giving a brand new iPod Shuffle to a lucky ticket-holder to the show. Everyone there will also be receiving a copy of the EP, a chance to buy the latest t-shirt, and, of course, hear a kick-ass band play some great music.

eric & the adams eric & the adams
The iPod Shuffle for a lucky attendee, the iPod Touch to a contributor

I received the EP in the mail this week, and have been listening to it repeatedly. I love it. All five songs are fantastic. It opens with Sugar You Ain't So Sweet, a song that reminds me of the 'bitch, you did me wrong' songs the 80s hairbands used to put out (I mean that in a good way), down to the chorus that makes you wanna sing along. That is followed by Frozen In The Sun, which reminds me of some of Eric's acoustic music, with a new maturity, kicked up a notch. It tells the story of the progression of a relationship, starting with the possible break-up. This song just sucks me in every time. Next up is Hear You Breathe, is just a gorgeous love song, with amazing harmonies beautifully sung by Eric and Angel. There is a wonderful quality to the song, one I could certainly hear on the radio today. This is about pure love, the real kind, with no affectation or games. Every Move was the subject of the first video, and is a New Wave tinged effort, an ode to stalkerish behavior, with straight-up rock sounds and rhythms offering a lyrical nod to The Police and Every Breath You Take, minus the dirge feeling. Keeper of the Secret finishes out the collection, another rocker complete with a dose of the wah-wah pedal, and an incredibly catchy chorus with an infectious hook. Got me doing a little bit of chair dancing every time it comes on. That scores five outta five winners for me.

Frozen In The Sun, Every Move and Keeper of the Secret are written by Eric, who also wrote the lyrics on Sugar You Ain't So Sweet, with Jimmy bringing the harder-edged music for that one. Angel handled a solo turn as a writer deftly on Hear You Breathe. For the record, Eric handles the vocals and guitars, Angels the drums, and Jimmy the bass [a cool looking 6-string in the video]. Angel has also handled the graphics for the band, from the posters to the EP packaging. It is put out on the Thumbcrown Records label, established by Eric a few years ago for his own music. I literally cannot wait to see them playing live. Eric, Angel or Jimmy, if you read this, I will hurt you if you don't make it east soon. But when you do, I will buy you dinner, drinks, a Philly cheese steak, you name it. To quote Oleta Adams, 'just get here.' For more info on the band, check out their website here.


  1. Howard! This was an amazing blog. Thank you so much!

  2. Angel, you are welcome, and thanks for stopping by! I mean every word, and just love the EP.



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