Friday, December 11, 2009

New Music - Emanuela Bellezza

I recently came across Emanuela Bellezza, and I instantly felt like I knew her music. Listening, I realized why - she is this interesting combination of Joss Stone and Taylor Dayne. Her deep, rich and soulful voice rolls heavier with the blues than the rhythm in R & B. I just downloaded her Rain and Sunshine of Heart, a six-song collection. Emanuela was born in Italy, but now makes her home in Los Angeles as she works her way to a career in music. She has studied classical music - loves Chopin and Beethoven - and art, often taking time to paint, yet still considers this music to be her great love, that which comes from her soul.

I Want You Back kicks everything off with a bit of old-school blues, only through the filter of today's artist, like Alicia Keys. There is also some great guitar-work in the bridge, building the blues beautifully. Stay With Me opens with a softness, a lightness, something bespeaking of the love being expressed. That lightness doesn't stick around long, building to a growl of sexual energy, the "stay with me" isn't necessarily about a relationship so much as a warm body beside her in bed. Happiness starting with the organ and a voice, Emanuela makes it plain the blues bordering on funk take center stage again, only a joyous blues, and then all-out funk, extolling her joy to a lover.

In Treat You Right, a little bit of Annie Lennox creeps in to the vocals, the deep tone and strength coming on strong. Stylistically, this is more pop, with a blues twist. Ain't No Way is the Aretha Franklin song, and avoids sounding karaoke with an updating and an Emanuela feel. Stai con me is Stay With Me in her native Italian. The use of the Latin language just amps up the sexuality to me, making this a truly sultry affair.

The above is the song Strong, from the EP released last winter, Situations and Emotions. That particular EP has a stronger rock and pop feel. You can check out more about Emanuela at here website here. To purchase Rain and Sunshine of Heart from iTunes, click here. To purchase Situations and Emotions, click here.



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