Monday, December 7, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Nena

Proving that music still had a political punch in the 80s, Nena's 99 Luftballons emanated from West Germany, sounding all New Wave with a bite. In 1984, the Cold War still loomed large in some of Eastern Europe, with the Berlin Wall still standing. Seems the guitarist for Nena was at a Rolling Stones concert when balloons were released. He wondered about them passing over the wall to the Soviet-occupied section of Berlin. So it was intended to be a protest song. The song topped the charts in Germany, and rose to #2 on the US Billboard charts and for many, stands more for a time than a political statement. But it proved to be the only song by Nena to hit the US charts.


  1. Howard Nena rules! This video is great.It's seems better listening to it in German though.

  2. I love how you brought in the political background in here too! This was a great song - I love rockers with a sense of direction and purpose!

  3. Kyle, both versions are fun.

    Wonder Man, it's truly a classic.

    SteveA, I agree, rockers with a purpose are sexy!



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