Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Favorite New Artists - Mikey Wax, Theo Tams & Syd

I thought I might take a look at the favorite new performers I mentioned on this blog this year. These would be the artists who released a debut CD/EP and I just discovered them. They would be, in no particular order, Archie & Mehitabel, Aaron Beaumont, Angela Leo, Belkins, Billy Dortch, Matt Fishel, Erik Hassle, Chris Keys, Toby Madigan, Dave Patten, Syd, Theo Tams, and Mikey Wax. I will just say I enjoy them all, and it would take a far more analytical mind than my own to put them in any order other than alphabetical. So I will choose my favorite video for each, and make a couple of posts out of it.

Mikey Wax

I will start with str8 boy Mikey Wax, the cute guy from New York with the sweet and soft tone. I discovered his debut, Change Again, and was just charmed by the work of this singer/songwriter. You can find him here, get tour dates and also find a couple of free downloads. Here is the video for his single, In Case I Go Again.

Theo Tams

Next is Theo Tams, the sexy winner of Canadian Idol who put out a great debut in Giving It All Away. Theo is an out man, and does a lot of touring in Canada, although I still have hopes there will come a time I get to see him perform live myself. His first single was Lazy Lovers, and was the first song I heard and it just made me a fan of the man! His smooth voice and interesting phrasing are quite good. To get more info on Theo, check out his website here.


And there is Syd, who is not necessarily a new artist, but new to me. He hails from Vermont, but now makes his home in NYC. This str8 boy was suggested to me by a couple of my favorite artists, and it turned out to be a good thing. His EP Upswing is a great listen, and I look forward to more from him. His rock fuses elements of the 80s music of Elvis Costello with a current sound that is very 'Syd.' Catch up with Syd on his website here.

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