Monday, December 7, 2009

GLEE TV - 'Sectionals' Preview

OK, so this is the last episode until April 13, 2010, and typing that in just made me hyperventilate. When GLEE returns, it will move to Tuesday nights, still on the Fox network. I am not sure of the time, since the juggernaut American Idol will be in full bloom at that point, and generally performing on Wednesday, and evict on Thursday, but IMBD has the first two weeks being Tuesday/Wednesday splits.

Well, back to this week. The episode is titled Sectionals, and many of us are still punch-drunk from the Mr. Shu figuring out his wife isn't pregnant. All the kids, save Rachel and Finn, know that Puck is the baby daddy, which means Quinn's lies are unraveling before our very eyes. Will Mr. Shu still be angry at Terri [man he was scary yet still sexy in that scene!]? Will Mercedes, Kurt, Artie, and Tina keep the secret? Mercedes certainly couldn't keep it from the rest of the kids. Will Mr. Shu figure out Terri was planing on taking Quinn's baby as their own? Will all this interfere with the kids getting to sectionals so they can compete? Will cheerleaders Santana and Brittany continue to not date, and only sleep together? Will the 'Mattress' debacle keep Mr. Shu from coaching the Glee Squad? What songs will they sing? How many questions will be left unanswered until they return in April? Maybe this preview will help us out.

I love the Brady Bunch feel! I love GLEE! To catch any episodes you've missed, you can find them online for FREE at Fox On Demand here or on Hulu here. For videos from the show, and links to the songs, click to Rickey.Org here after the show. He has recaps and links.


  1. Will Mr. Shu figure out Terri was planing on taking Quinn's baby as their own?

    Didn't she already admit that to him when he busted her fake pregancy???...

    Thank you for your Glee posts, BTW - they are always delightful and informative.


  2. David, I thought he only figured she wasn't preggers, but not the entire master plan. But maybe I was too busy wondering when he was taking his shirt off again...

    And thanks for your kind words.

  3. I'm going to catch up on the episodes you linked. Thanks! I've missed a few.



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