Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Worship - Church by Lyle Lovett

lyle lovett lyle lovett

Lyle Lovett might be an odd looking man, but dammit, he can sing. He can write, he can play, and he can sing. He can sing Country, Pop, and even Gospel. His work with The Large Band had been rather good, and certainly worth a listen.

lyle lovett lyle lovett

Lyle must have something going for him beside the talent - he managed to be married to Julia Roberts for a couple of years. He has been dating April Kimble for the last 10 years.

lyle lovett,julia roberts lyle lovett
Lyle Lovett with Julia Roberts & April Kimble.

But, like I said, the boy can sing. So here he is performing with The Large Band, along with some special guests. Together, they perform his song, Church.

Amen, brother. Sing it.


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