Friday, July 17, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Leon Redbone

Like any artist caught living in the wrong time, Leon Redbone is an amazing talent that never could make it to the big time, singing a style that was popular almost a century old. I first saw Leon Redbone in concert in 1979, where he was opening for legendary guitarist Bonnie Raitt. It was an exceptional concert, one I still remember well.

So, here is a clip of Leon singing Some of These Days, sung in his own style. Call it jazz, swing or just old-fashioned, it is not like much else recorded in this century.


  1. I LOVE Leon Redbone - his voice, style, look, and sound! Have his CDs and saw him in concert a couple of times. How wonderful that must have been to see him and Bonnie Raitt! She's a favorite, too.

  2. The Leon/Bonnie show was amazing! I have several of his CDs as well - his Christmas CD is outstanding!



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