Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great Music - Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam

Like many other bands in the early 90s, Pearl Jam came out of Seattle and took the music world by storm. The band had picked up lead singer Eddie Vedder out of California, and formed the signature sound that is unmistakenly their own, amazing considering the eruption of grunge bands coming out of the Northwest. The intensity of the band allowed them to tackle subject matter like spousal abuse, child abuse, politics, bullying, and other hot button issues.

Pearl Jam Pearl Jam,Eddie Vedder
Pearl Jam,Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam,Eddie Vedder

To their fans, Pearl Jam are anti-establishment Gods who continue to buck the system for their art. In 1994 Pearl Jam had a very public fight with Ticketmaster, even canceling part of the tour over the governmental investigation of the business practices of Ticketmaster, and later refused to play venues who utilized their services. They toured relentlessly, with a bravado and intensity that recalled their favorite band of the 60s, The Who. To disrupt the bad bootlegs often foisted upon fans, Pearl Jam put out their own live recording of shows, offering them for sale. For many, women and men alike, Vedder is a sex symbol, fighting for everything they hold dear.


  1. Yes, he is. And str8. What a waste...

  2. I've always preferred Pearl Jam over Nirvana. I think Vedder's voice is so much richer and better than Cobain's was.

  3. I like their music and their commitment to what is right. Straight yes but young (I can still look).



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