Monday, July 20, 2009

Update - Losing the battle

larry,new followers

First, let me welcome a new follower for the blog, Larry. He is from Ohio, and has a blog of his own, Patently Queer. Stop by and say hello.

Well, after the fairly responsive issues of last week, today, not so much. Didn't answer my calls, nor return the message. So let me recap.

Sunday night, the computer stopped working. Totally. So Monday morning I brought it to one of the two authorized Apple repairs places in the state. Next I heard they would replace the power supply. The following day, they replaced it and it fixed nothing. So, they wanted to replace the logic board, adding on another day. Friday they tell me the new logic board must be bad, because you can turn it on, but sometimes you have video, sometimes you don't. They needed to get another board in. That would have been today. I waited for the call, got nothin'. I called, and left a message.

So, this is day 8 without the computer, and I don't know what is happening but seeing my bill go higher... To be fair, that is an assumption, since I can't get hold of them. However, I am still borrowing a PC laptop, and trying to figure it all out. Maybe by the time I get it all together, my own iMac will return.


  1. Thanks for the great welcome Howard :-)

  2. You are welcome, Larry. Nice to have you stopping by.

  3. So sorry about the troubles with the iMac. I'm a pc user and quite frankly have been considering transitioning over to Mac since I understand there are far fewer problems. Your story is the first I've read in a long time about Mac problems. Hope it's resolved soon - Behr Hugs!



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