Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Music - SIRPAUL - Objectified


I first came across SIRPAUL on LOGO, and immediately liked the song and video for "Do U". First thing I noticed was 'Wow, what a hot guy.' Yes, I can be that shallow. But it was the song that really got me - the driving beat with a certain humor I enjoyed. It drove me to find out more about him, going to MySpace, YouTube, iLike, and the other usual suspects. His particular form of electronica brings a certain rock feel and swagger I really like.


His latest song is "Objectified", a driving club dance number about sexual desire. The video is a Matrix-style of quick cuts, computer graphics mixed with the chained and collared SIRPAUL singing about wanting to be objectified. The speed and urgency of the song are captured perfectly in the video. It is off SIRPAUL's recently released collection, 'Objectified (Deluxe Edition)'.

Along with "Do U", "Addicted" is another favorite of mine. It is a hot and steamy song, captured well on tape. And there is the defiantly brazen "Thrust", with a video that steams up my monitor on each viewing. You can find more about SIRPAUL at his website, his MySpace, or his YouTube page.



  1. oh Honey...he looks just. your. type!!!!


  2. I will objectify him any time he wants!


  3. He is SO my type! You know me too well, Beth.

    David, I bet you would!



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