Monday, July 13, 2009

Great Music - Stewart Lewis

Stewart Lewis Stewart Lewis

I am not sure when I became aware of Stewart Lewis, but I owned In Formation before going to see him last fall on the Rock The Folk Out tour with Tom Goss and Jake Walden. I truly enjoyed the CD, and loved Not A Love Song, a great cut off the CD. Lyrically and musically, it is a fantastic song, and Stewart does it so damn well.

As well as several of his own songs, he performed an amusing and intricate medley, blending 18 songs in under 5 minutes. After the show, I met Stewart, who was quite funny and charming. I bought a couple of CDs, as well as a novel he had written, Rockstarlet, which I am reading at this time. I follow Stewart on the web, eagerly awaiting his next move.

Stewart Lewis,rockstarlet Stewart Lewis

Rockstarlet is a tale of a young singer/songwriter getting ready for a major label release, but his excitement is being trampled on by the executives and handlers making the gay man return to the closet. Thus far, I am enjoying the light touch he has, keeping it fun and very real. You can purchase it here. He has a 2nd novel, Relative Stranger.

Stewart Lewis Stewart Lewis

Stewart released a YouTube video of a new song, What You Get Back. It is a beautiful song, but the sound is a bit low - see it here. For a second video, I am giving you the song Shine, sung at an interview with Here! Networks.

You can find out more about Stewart Lewis at his website.


  1. Oh most definately have a certain type, don't you? ;) he's cute and can sing too? well, dayum!!!


  2. Beth, I do lik'em pretty, but they gotta sing. And Stewart can!



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