Monday, July 20, 2009

Great Music - Tarkan - Come Closer

Tarkan Tarkan Tarkan
OK, I have to say this right away, Tarkan could be the sexiest man alive. I accidentally ran across a video - singing in his native Turkish -and I was mesmerized. His beauty, his dance, and his easy sexuality, it all just made me melt. But I also liked the music - the Middle Eastern flavor appealed to me. I did my research, and discovered he had an English language CD out there, couldn't find it at first, but then bought it at Amazon.

The CD, Come Closer, was mainly a pop/dance selection, but with some great stuff on it. It permanently lives on my hard drive and my iPod. All 15 tracks are worth listening to, with extra-special points going to Just Like That, Start The Fire, Bounce, Shikidim and If Only You Knew.

Tarkan Tarkan Tarkan

I don't know if this was ever released in the US, since the copy I purchased had an Import sticker on it, but have to believe if it ever crossed my path, I would remember. I have read that he is the number one singer in Turkey [although it might not still be the case - what do I know?] and that he has been plagued by rumors about his sexuality for most of his career - although it ultimately didn't hurt as much as one might suspect in an Islamic culture. But he says he is str8, as did his girlfriend, so I am willing to take him at his word. But it won't stop me from looking at him, that is for sure.

Tarkan Tarkan


  1. That first song, Kuzu kuzu akustik, roughly translated, means, "Come to me Bob, I must have you."
    Just sayin'.

  2. Really Bob? Because my translation program said it was 'Howard, my love, come to bed.'

  3. no, it's 'Run away with me, Viktor'

  4. See, this is why I didn't want to post about my future husband here - you bitches just wanna steal my man!



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