Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Duncan Sheik

Duncan Sheik Duncan Sheik

Back in the old days, Duncan Sheik was a hot guy, singing some cool pop songs. I loved his stuff, and thought he was adorable. In later years, he filled out a bit, and became kinda bearish, which is really hot! And besides getting sexier, Duncan also wrote the music for the Tony Award winning musical, Spring Awakening. But first, there was Barely Breathing.

Then, there was Spring Awakening. I saw this on Broadway, and it was one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen. It is on tour now - if it comes to a city near you, go!


  1. His newest collection, WHISPER HOUSE, a sneak peak at his next musical, is vey good as well. And his CD HUMMING is also a favorite of mine.

  2. Eric, I love the Whisper House music, and really enjoy most of his stuff. He is an amazing talent.

  3. This is absolutely amazing! Just love his music so much



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