Friday, July 24, 2009

New Music - Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys
Backstreet - Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough & AJ McLean

The big announcement today was the new song from the Backstreet Boys. Straight Thru My Heart was released on the official website as a snippet, but of course it has already been leaked on the internet. I have also said Backstreet was my favorite boyband of the 90s, so we shall see if they can still pull it off now. When they started off, they were five, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, A. J. McLean and Kevin Richardson. Three years ago, Kevin left the group to have more time at home to start his family. Kevin was my favorite. Anyway, so then there were four.

Backstreet Boys,Kevin Richardson Backstreet Boys,Kevin Richardson Backstreet Boys,Kevin Richardson
The many looks of Kevin Richardson

The new CD, This Is Us, is to be released sometime this fall. Odd title, not sure what it means, except the obvious 'the four are us people, get over it. No new members, and Kevin is gone.'

Backstreet Boys,this is us Backstreet Boys

The song is good, but certainly nothing outstanding. I think of it sounding a bit like an adult-contemporary version of an old song. But it is poppy and perky, and certainly not the worse song that might be on the air these days. This is a the music video.

We can just hope it makes enough money we never have to see another season of House of Carters, with the screwed up and dysfunctional Carter family yelling, screaming and backstabbing one another. And be glad whiny Aaron Carter did not join the Boys. You can find out other sites to find out about the current boys at their website and hear the song replayed incessantly.


  1. Oh yeah ... Kevin was my fave also. So tasty.


  2. I didn't know they were making new music. Good for them. They are all very talented. New Kids had a HUGE comeback, so maybe they will too!

    Kevin was also my favorite.

  3. Nice post Howard - I used to like their songs.

  4. Well, I see I am not the only fan of The Boys around. Thanks for the kind words David, Michael and Allen, and I will soon be putting my time to good use and doing a post or two about my complete adoration of all things Westlife [no, that isn't sarcasm, it is the truth]. LOL

  5. I always loved the B.S. Boys too. I like this new song! I had no idea they were "back." LOL (Oh they already did that--Backstreet's back..) I know what you mean about the House of Carters! It should've been called House of the Raving Lunatic Drunken Carters!

    Love & appreciate your blog! Keep up the good work.

  6. Kevin was my fave too, he had a dirty/innocent look to him



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