Friday, July 17, 2009

Aiden James - Satelite Sessions #1

making new friends..

I enjoy Aiden James quite a lot - hope to see him next month at a show in Philly where he will be celebrating his birthday as well as the release of a new video. The video just had a premiere viewing at the Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Meanwhile, he had started a new series at the beginning of the month, singing a song just for us YouTube fans. The first installment captured him singing the song Mifflin County on July 4th. Hope you enjoy this sweet voice and great song!

For more information and to hear more music, click here!


  1. I like him. Thanks for the introduction. Good folky sound and lyrics.

  2. nice, masculine, sincere folk, a dash of country... I like it. 3 stars.

  3. Both his first CD - Have You Ever - and 2nd CD - On The Run - are excellent. I think you can get them on iTunes, among other places like CD Baby.



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