Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great Music - Christopher Dallman

Christopher Dallman

A few years ago, I purchase Race The Light from CD Baby almost on a whim. I listened to a preview of a few of the songs, and decided I liked it. Boy, I am glad I did. Christopher's music is intensely personal, and very beautiful.

He is in the studio working on a new CD, and I am excited about it. Until that comes out, he posted a couple of videos he called The Living Room series, doing covers of a couple of songs, including the Prince song, When You Were Mine.

From his first CD, you can find videos for his songs Green Camaro and Driving To You. There is also the first installment of the Living Room series, Hard To Breathe.

Christopher Dallman

You can find out more about Christopher on his website, including upcoming dates in California. You might like to see a more recent post here.

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