Friday, July 24, 2009

Torchwood: Children of Earth - Day Five

torchwood,Capt Jack,Gwen,Ianto Jones

Torchwood: Children of Earth is on BBC America this week, Monday thru Friday at 9PM. Last night was Day Four, in which we saw Jack tell the story of 1965 and those 12 children, the 4-5-6 [aliens] threaten to destroy the human race if they don't offer up 10% of the children of Earth, and Torchwood develops a plan to stop the government from meeting the aliens demands. The 4-5-6 release a noxious gas, and we see Ianto die in Jack's arms. [All I am saying is they better figure out a way to bring him back!] Can Jack and Gwen save the world? Here is the preview for Day Five.


  1. I got the DVD in the mail yesterday! I do love Torchwood, but will miss Ianto so very much. Geek that I am, I cried like a baby.



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