Friday, July 24, 2009

Great Music - Robert German

Robert German

Robert German is unique, gifted, and a tad on the eccentric side. His Siren's of Brooklyn CD is quirky, cool, and most likely ahead of it's time. He is a smart and talented writer, and an excellent singer. He is definitely an out man, singing of his feeling, both emotional and physical. Open Wide, Walking Song, Well Formed Man, Lemon Scented, Sirens of Brooklyn, and Marlboro Man are my favorites from the CD. Yes, there are a few more, but I didn't want to type in the entire list from the CD and look silly... Oh, I really like Mr Carpentier and Unplug.

Robert German Robert German

You can find out more about Robert and his music at his website or his MySpace page. His music can be found on iTunes and CD Baby. It is well worth the cost to have the Sirens of Brooklyn CD in your collection.

Robert German Robert German

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