Friday, July 31, 2009

Great Women - Ann & Nancy Wilson

Ann & Nancy Wilson are sisters and make up the group Heart. Nancy kicks ass with her guitar playing, both electric and acoustic. Ann Wilson has a voice few other can even touch. Together they stood in the face of conventional wisdom that said chicks couldn't play rock, and kicked ass. I own and cherish their early work together.

You can get more information from the official website by clicking here.


  1. Howard, I love to see Heart featured! Would you believe for about 10 years or more after Dog & Butterfly came out, I would listen to it every night at bedtime. If I remember correctly, one side of the album was real mellow and I loved going to sleep listening to it.

    It really helped me to fall asleep. It think it was one of the greatest albums ever. I of course, have it on cd now. I have all their early music too and still will play them occasionally!

  2. I love that song Crazy on You the intro is so great. I don't see any other artist out there as unique and talented as Ann and Nancy Wilson.

  3. Hey Howard-check out my blog post on Heart as well if you get a chance.



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