Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Music - Paolo Nutini - Candy

Paolo Nutini

It is now looking like my computer will not return from its vacation until Thursday evening, so I continue my little posts just to prove my run of bad luck with electronics doesn't have me beat.

Recently I purchased the latest from Paolo Nutini, the Scottish singer/songwriter whose first hit single, New Shoes, really doesn't resemble the outstanding stuff on his latest release, Sunny Side Up. The floppy-haired boy looks like he is ready to give bouncy pop, but instead delivers some great music. The following video is from the first single on the CD, Candy.

To find out more about Paolo, click here.


  1. I'll be back and will catch up! :-)

  2. Not to worry dear - the posts will be here when you get some time.

  3. I guess I saw him on a movie at the end but i forgot what kind of movie it was. The Video is that movie. Man i love it!



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