Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th - Dishwalla - Home


While this could easily fit into the Str8 Boys Need Love Too category, I thought it would be good for a celebration of this holiday. In 2003, Dishwalla went on a tour to play for the men and women serving this country, performing the song Home among many others.

I thought this would be a great way to celebrate great music, handsome men, and the men and women of the armed forces. Their live DVD, Greetings From The Flow State, from which the video was taken, is amazing, showcasing a group of great rock musicians.

Dishwalla Dishwalla
Dishwalla,JR Richards Dishwalla

Recently, lead singer JR Richards released a solo CD, A Beautiful End. I will most likely be blogging about that at some point, because I do love his voice. But I also love Dishwalla, and some of the music they have recorded, including Counting Blue Cars, Charlie Brown's Parents, Give, Angels or Devils, and Somewhere In The Middle. You can check Dishwalla out on MySpace.


  1. I loved that song "Counting Blue Cars"!

  2. I love their music. The Live DVD is great. They do an amazing extended jam for 'Counting Blue Cars.'



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