Thursday, July 16, 2009

Houston Bernard - I Feel Gorgeous

Houston Bernard photo HoustonBernard_mqdefault_zps16b6bd07.jpg

This summer, it seems perfectly obvious this song by Houston Bernard should be a breakout summer hit. The video is tailored to the gay-club crowd, filmed on Fire Island with lots of pretty boys. It is a catchy tune, a frothy pop/dance number that screams out for another round of shots. I mean, shirtless boys in bathing suits playing beach volleyball or dancing on the beach? What's not to love?

Houston Bernard has more music, although it might not be as inherently hooky as I Feel Gorgeous. The video for Say Goodbye starts out with the handsome singer laying in bed in his undies, and the boy is hot. This song is much sexier, with special effects trying to 'dirty' it up a bit. The video goes a bit off the rails when Bernard's iPhone starts flashing lights and transports people to clubs so they can get laid, once the African American spirit dances them to Mr. Bernard. Yeah. No, really. I couldn't make that crap up. I think the song is better than the video.

For more information for Houston Bernard, you can go to his official website or his MySpace.

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