Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Music of Nature

Since it is a stormy night here on the farm, I thought this might be a perfect time to sit at a computer and type and use some pictures I have taken.

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I love a stormy night, starting with the clouds moving in, watching them blow across the sky quickly and with purpose. There is an acceleration of the energy level with the flashing of the lightning and the throb of the thunder. Once the rain starts, the falling of the water adds a rhythm, almost a drum track to the proceedings. The sound of the water is always oddly calming for me, from the burbling of the water in the creek running thru the farm, to the steady drops that fall from the overflow in the gutter.

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As the storm fades from an overwhelming symphony to a distant memory, other sounds of nature fill the void left as the storm has moved on. Birds return to flight, calling out to others to reunite the flock. You glance around and see the rain still clinging to the plants, creating a vibrance and sheen, a gleaming finish bringing out the natural colors to the vegetation. The light of the setting sun brings out the rainbow, shooting up from the pools of water on the blades of grass and reaching upwards, returning to the clouds.

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There is a brilliant peace following the summer storm. Nature has returned to a restful state, with changes. The empty ditch has become a running brook, the driveway a standing puddle. Birds chirp and sing as they find the water, stopping for a drink and a bath, and to find the worms who have found their way above the mud.

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As darkness falls, all will sleep well tonight.


  1. Thank you, Larry. It just struck me, so it is up here because no one can stop me. LOL

  2. Lovely photos and post that is evocative poetry! You're quite a writer and photographer! Most enjoyable.

  3. Why thank you, Joy. I am almost blushing with your kind words.



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