Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great Music - Jason & deMarco

Jason (the blond) & deMarco (dark curly hair)

Jason & deMarco are about as precious as you can get. And I mean that in a nice way. They are out singers, who started out in the Christian music scene that was not particularly welcoming to their gayness. They have made the move to a secular sound and style, both maintain a strong Christian faith, having no problem reconciling it with their relationship. They sing pure pop, something I can truly enjoy.

Together they have put out a couple of CDs, and play several Pride Fests each year. They tour to support their music, and have appeared in the documentary We're All Angels. Their latest CD, Safe, shows real growth as artists, playing more with rhythms and harmonies than before. They cover the U2 song One, with a nice use of percussion instrumentation, as well as several original songs, many of which they have cowritten. This includes the song This is Love, sung live below at a show in Toronto.

You can find out more about them at their website, and their MySpace page, which has several songs.


  1. Jason and deMarco are two incredible guys. Their music is refreshing, uplifting and even inspiring. It would be difficult to find better harmony or more moving original lyric.

    It's unfortunate that they have not found a comfortable home in contemporary Christian music because I think that is where their message, music and example is most needed. You can't help but adore them, watching the interaction between them both on and off the stage.

    Christians thoughout the ages have more often been an exclusive club serving its own self-interests than the loving, outreaching body that Christ intended. The church has often found itself on the wrong side of history and experience using biblical justification for its position. Remember slavery? How about women's sufferage? Are we to repeat ourselves with the acceptance of gays?

    Jason and deMarco are living proof that effective Christian ministry can occur embodied in a loving, faith-filled gay relationship.

    I highly recommend Jason and deMarco to all.

  2. Bill, I can't argue with you one bit. I love them, and have been a fan for several years. And I have seen them grow musically as they mature, which is wonderful to see. And, I have to admit, I have a bit of a crush on deMarco. LOL

  3. I agree that Jason and Demarco are wonderful singers, they have real talent. But your comment Bill, comparing acceptance of homosexuality to slavery is not valid. The Bible clearly says that homosexuality is wrong. This does not mean that Christians should exclude, be prejudiced towards, or persecute gays/lesbians, but it should never be acceptable, according to God's word.

  4. Michelle, They are talented singers. Their music is strong, and offers an uplifting message. But if you read the Bible, slavery is acceptable, shellfish not allowed to be eaten, and women have few rights. I'd prefer to believe that God is about love, and the judgmental side is people interpreting the word of God through their own human mind. Jesus is said to have accepted all, even those shunned by society. Why should people decide who is acceptable and who isn't? After all, doesn't the Bible also say 'Judge not, lest ye be judged.'



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