Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Music - Theo Tams - Give It All Away

Theo Tams

Theo Tams didn’t have the cover of Rolling Stone or Entertainment Weekly, not before nor after he was named the winner of Canadian Idol last September. Yet he did something that had not been done before [at least to my knowledge], an out gay man won a version of the television juggernaut. He has also done something few have been able to accomplish, put out a pretty fantastic debut CD.

Theo Tams

I will admit I didn’t see Canadian Idol, so I had no idea what he sounded like or even what he looked like. I happen to catch a video on YouTube for Lazy Lovers, and thought it was good, so I did some research and found out about CI. Another interesting thing was that it did not shy away from his sexuality, as the video features both a gay and a lesbian couple, as well as the str8 ones.

I liked Lazy Lovers enough to purchase the CD, Give It All Away, and give it a listen. Gotta say, I was impressed. Lazy Lovers is not my favorite track on the CD. I’m Gonna Say is a really nice opening track, blending Pop with a but of Soul, great for Tams’ voice. Reckless is a Pop/Rock song that lifts off and soars with Theo's vocals.

Theo Tams Theo Tams

The CD has 13 songs, and Theo is listed as a cowriter on 7 of those, pretty remarkable for a young talent. These credits include the hot I’m Gonna Say and Lazy Lovers.He also cowrote on I Ain’t Cryin’, another hot track with some sexy guitar work featured. I know nothing about Canadian Idol nor it’s success rate, but I certainly hope Theo Tams has good sales numbers and will be releasing more music. I am not sure how soon or if Theo has any plans to hit the US on tour, but I would certainly be interested in catching him live. And you can go on his website and sign up to wish him a happy birthday on Sunday, July 12, as he turns 24 years old. Damn kids [LOL].

Theo Tams


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