Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great Music - Duffy

Duffy Duffy Duffy

I am exceedingly fond of the particular retro-feel to Welsh singer/songwriter Duffy. The single Mercy was played time and time again, yet I never soured on it, like so many other songs. She released her first CD, Rockferry, last year, and won the 2009 Grammy for Best Pop Vocal album.

Duffy Duffy Duffy

While I love Mercy, the songs Stepping Stone, Rockferry and Warwick Avenue are just amazing. Listening to Rockferry reminds me of Dusty Springfield, while looking at her kinda reminds me of Bridget Bardot. The following is a performance of Stepping Stone from The Jools Holland show.

That clip is followed by an acoustic version of Mercyher best known song. I just love her voice.

Find out more about Duffy on her website.


  1. HOW DO YOU TURN THAT MUSIC OFF?!?!? I tried clicking on that damn thing, but nothing happened.

    Lord, you scared me and the cat half to death!! :)


  2. I love her! & what is with these soulful little British girls? I guess it goes back all the way to Dusty Springfield, huh?
    Mercy was on my February mix, but I came to love Warwick Avenue the most. Rockferry was the last real physical CD that I bought. I seem to only download now. Great insight as always, Howard.

  3. David - sorry, I had just added it and it did autoplay. Fixed now so that you click to play, if you want it.

    Stephen, it all goes back to Dusty Springfield and Petula Clark, and maybe Lulu. Those girls could sing! Frankly, I prefer Duffy to the trainwreck known as Amy Winehouse.

  4. Duffy was one of the few CD's I've purchased in the past couple of years. Of course I've since lost the damn thing.


    P.S. - Thanks for switching the settings on the music. I don't think my fast-food clogged heart could have taken another jolt like that. :)

  5. I just thought of something - isn't it funny that I can't even operate the VIRTUAL Ipod on your Blog!?! I'm hopeless...

  6. David, you are welcome. I do find it humorous that even a virtual iPod drives you to panic, and not the least surprising. LOL

  7. I love Duffy; I love Winehouse.
    But Duffy is Winehouse without all the personal drama.



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